Speaker to address Crisis Management issues in AR

Our latest confirmed speaker is Nicola King – Associate Director at global reputation management consultancy Teneo Blue Rubicon, whose clients include Google, Activision Blizzard, Facebook and Instagram. Nicola has extensive experience in risk, issues and crisis management and has worked with companies across a range of sectors to help them understand the risks they face and how to respond when a true crisis hits.

What will Nicola speak on ?

With the growing implementation of AR and VR across multiple industries, this technology is increasingly being utilised in a variety of ways. This is creating challenges as emerging issues arise which may not have been considered by the developers. Drawing on her extensive experience with Pokemon Go and other clients, Nicola will outline how to crisis manage any of these problem issues and how to protect the company and product brand in the event of any significant emergency situations developing.

Keynote Speaker – Dean Johnson

We’re thrilled to be rejoined this year by Dean Johnson, following his hugely popular presentation at last year’s conference. Dean will be reporting back to the conference from his forthcoming 48 hours in VR which he is doing alongside Sarah Jones of Coventry University – check out the hashtag #VR48 for updates.

As an accomplished design leader, writer, presenter, BBC tech pundit and Head of Innovation at Brandwidth, Dean Johnson is shaping the connected future for Film, TV, Automotive, Publishing, Music, Education and Leisure sectors with the emphasis on user experience and engagement. Dean is a Fellow and former VP of the Chartered Society of Designers and a Mentor for the British Fashion Council.

Dean is a top VR, IoT, CES, Industry 4.0 and Automotive Design Influencer and writes for numerous publications, his own blog ( www.activrightbrain.com ) and is the author of international #1 interactive iBook ‘Digital Publishing: The Next Steps’

Recent conference appearances have included: BDL Accelerate, IAB MIXX, Develop:VR, FutureFest, IBC Rising Stars, Capitol Hill VR, AWE Santa Clara, FashTech Summit, Smart IoT London, TEDx Athens, The Wearable Technology Show, Silicon Beach, Bitspiration, Mobile Show Middle East, DBW New York, CONTEC Frankfurt and lecturing at the Strelka Institute Moscow.

Panelist Announcement- Barry Downes, Suir Ventures

barry-downes-cuAs part of the conference this year we will be running a panel on funding opportunities for start-ups ( see also our stARtup page for opportunities for free demo space ). Among the leading players in the funding space here is Barry Downes.



Barry is the Managing Partner of the Suir Valley Ventures, which is a venture capital fund that invests in early stage start-ups powered by deep technology in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sector, in Financial Technologies (FinTech) and also in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. Suir Valley Ventures is part of the Shard Capital Partners group, which is a London-based independent financial services company offering a full range of broking, asset management and corporate capital services. Shard Capital meets the diverse needs of companies and investors by leading the way in navigating the new world of global finance. Barry is also the Chairman of the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG www.tssg.org) a leading international software Research Institute that specialises in AR/VR, AI and communications technologies research and development (R&D). Previously Barry was CEO of TSSG and also the Centre Director of the Mobile Services Technology Gateway (MSTG), a close to market R&D Centre that delivers advanced mobile and AR/VR technologies and solutions to leading international technology companies. Over the last three years MSTG has worked with over 110 companies based to help them with mobile and AR/VR R&D innovation.Barry also founded FeedHenry Ltd. a leading cloud-based mobile applications platform based in Waterford, Ireland and Boston, Massachusetts. Red Hat Inc (NYSE: RHT) acquired FeedHenry for $82 million in October 2014. Barry is also currently a Member of the Board of ImmersiveVREducation Ltd. which develops the award-winning Apollo 11 virtual reality (VR) experience and Barry is also an Executive Producer of Apollo 11 VR .Barry has worked extensively in Silicon Valley as a Partner of SVG Partners, a San Francisco based investment and advisory firm that helps its clients with innovation, strategy and technology consulting. In this capacity Barry has worked with a number of San Francisco based firms including Lookout Inc. a global mobile security products company.
Prior to joining TSSG Barry was the Vice President of Software Services for Waterford Technologies a leading provider of cloud archiving tools, headquartered Waterford, Ireland and in Orange County, California.
Barry holds a BSc. in Applied Computing from the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and a 1.1 M.B.A. from the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business at University College Dublin (UCD). Barry also holds executive education qualifications from Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Haas Business School at the University of California Berkeley and Henley Business School in the UK.
Current Activities / Research Interests
Barry’s current research interests include augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies and also new types of FinTech technologies in the areas of credit and lending, digital currencies and blockchain, mobile and digital banking and new models for Foreign Exchange.

Healthcare AR and VR expert joins panel


Dr. David Trainor, Founder and Principal of Sentireal, develops software apps that turn mobile and wearable devices into personalised guides. These guides deliver educational and training content using augmented and virtual reality. David’s interests focus on the use of AR and VR in scientific education and particularly in healthcare-related training. He has been involved in the creation of associated technologies to train healthcare professionals and also to promote better self-management skills for people suffering from a variety of long-term health conditions. By exploring new ways to create increasingly personalised and contextual AR and VR experiences, David has been working extensively at combining the content presentation capabilities of AR and VR with other cutting-edge technologies such as data analytics and machine learning. He is also an active participant in a number of industry groups and engineering standards bodies relating to healthcare and educational technologies.

Don Levy to be Keynote Speaker on Virtual Reality

Great news ….Don Levy, a giant in the worlds of entertainment marketing and visual effects is coming to Dublin as our keynote speaker. Don Levy joined Sony Pictures Imageworks when it was “just 40 people and a dream” in 1995. Starting as an awards campaign consultant, he helped the studio grow in both size and reputation, beginning with its first Academy Award for the animated short “The ChubbChubbs” in 2003 and continuing with the 2005 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for “Spider-Man 2.” As the senior vice president of marketing and communications for Sony Pictures, he directed corporate communications, marketing and public relations for Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, as well as for Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Online Entertainment.
Levy left Sony Pictures in June of 2012 to develop a new family entertainment venture and found Smith Brook Farm, a media, entertainement and tech consultancy. At the same time, he is a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts’ Entertainment Technology Center and is teaching entertainment marketing at Boston University’s Los Angeles Internship Program.


Enara Artetxe González

The area of Education is one where AR has enormous potential applications…among the panel contributors from 2015 conference was  Enara Artetxe González – Co-founder & CTO of CreativiTIC Innova

In 2011 Gonzales co-founded CreativiTIC Innova – www.creativitic.es – a R&D factory with ongoing national and FP7 projects that works with Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies to offer innovative and creative solutions in fields such as education, bio-health, marketing and tourism.

A telecommunications Engineer with a background in development, mobile apps and 3D environments, she is in charge of researching the introduction of the latest technologies in the different sectors of the company.

Techy by definition, she has come to learn of the value of technology to enhance people’s lives, independently of the field it is used in.

In CreativiTIC, she has participated in various projects, including a FP7 project of Technology-Enhanced Learning, E2LP – e21p.org.htm, where she is member of the Technical Committee and leader of the Work Package that brings Augmented Reality to Electronic Laboratories in Computer Engineering, and a health-tech 3D-VR project, VIRUSES – 3dvirvses.com, along with CIBIR, the Biomedical Research Centre of La Rioja. She also counts on several IEEE conference and journal publications and is currently participating in the publication of a book under the E2LP project scope.

In 2012, she co-founded Sonnar Labs www.sonnarlabs.com a Startups’ Lab fully dedicated to bringing new sensorial inputs to the Augmented Reality technologies.

Her personal motivation, along with her colleagues, of further exploring the combination of disruptive technologies and education, resulted in January 2014 in a new entrepreneurial project to democratize Augmented Reality in Education, Augmented Class!augmentedclass.com, launched as a spin-off project of CreativiTIC through its R&D Accelerator Lab.

Scott Hope

One of the stand-out presenters from 2015 AR Marketing Conference was Scott Hope – Director AR ExM

With a passion for experiential marketing and roadshow activity, Scott is an avid supporter of the experience economy notion and a champion of live brand experiences. His diverse management background in IT, event services, leisure and experiential operations led him to augmented reality and the desire to embrace its power for the marketing communications sector. Scott is an advocate of consumer engagement through captivating experiences and believes augmented reality has a great future in immersive brand activation where message retention or real-time activation are the key metrics. Scott is leading the way with the development of immersar®, a turn-key product for the management of multi-user, wearable display based augmented reality deployment that will meet the precise needs of the sector with an innovative, feature rich integrated solution.