Don Levy to be Keynote Speaker on Virtual Reality

Great news ….Don Levy, a giant in the worlds of entertainment marketing and visual effects is coming to Dublin as our keynote speaker. Don Levy joined Sony Pictures Imageworks when it was “just 40 people and a dream” in 1995. Starting as an awards campaign consultant, he helped the studio grow in both size and reputation, beginning with its first Academy Award for the animated short “The ChubbChubbs” in 2003 and continuing with the 2005 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for “Spider-Man 2.” As the senior vice president of marketing and communications for Sony Pictures, he directed corporate communications, marketing and public relations for Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, as well as for Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Online Entertainment.
Levy left Sony Pictures in June of 2012 to develop a new family entertainment venture and found Smith Brook Farm, a media, entertainement and tech consultancy. At the same time, he is a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts’ Entertainment Technology Center and is teaching entertainment marketing at Boston University’s Los Angeles Internship Program.


Public Relations and Augmented Reality

An area of AR that has received scant attention to date it its capacity to be integrated with Public Relations campaigns, or indeed to be capable of generating significant coverage in itself. A recent PR Week article points to some of the opportunities that AR offers. So where could PR benefit from the use of AR? An obvious area is the press release. Long the staple tool of the PR industry, the proven capability of AR to develop strong interactions with print would be a good starting point. PR agencies can exploit the technology in a number of ways: digital content such as video interviews can be easily overlaid on the press release, bringing the somewhat staid corporate results release to life for example. Consumer product launches can be made much more interactive with the use of entertaining or informative content, and in the Business to Business market too, the traditional press conference can be made much more interactive too.