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How The Growth Of Mixed Reality Will Change Communication, Collaboration And The Future Of The Workplace

A recent report from investment bank Goldman Sachs predicted that within 10 years, virtualreality hardware will be an $80 billion industry. This “base case” forecast assumed that adoptionwill be slow, as compared to that of smartphones and tablets, but, the report noted, “as the technology advances, price points decline, and an entire new marketplace of applications (both business and consumer) hits the market, we […]

Public Relations and Augmented Reality

An area of AR that has received scant attention to date it its capacity to be integrated with Public Relations campaigns, or indeed to be capable of generating significant coverage in itself. A recent PR Week article points to some of the opportunities that AR offers. So where could PR benefit from the use of […]

Enara Artetxe González

The area of Education is one where AR has enormous potential applications…among the panel contributors from 2015 conference was  Enara Artetxe González – Co-founder & CTO of CreativiTIC Innova In 2011 Gonzales co-founded CreativiTIC Innova – www.creativitic.es – a R&D factory with ongoing national and FP7 projects that works with Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies to offer innovative and […]

Scott Hope

One of the stand-out presenters from 2015 AR Marketing Conference was Scott Hope – Director AR ExM With a passion for experiential marketing and roadshow activity, Scott is an avid supporter of the experience economy notion and a champion of live brand experiences. His diverse management background in IT, event services, leisure and experiential operations led […]

Augmented Reality and Hospitality

One of today’s hottest technology trends is the use of augmented and virtual reality. Recent news of impending product launches by Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Sony have propelled interest. Firstly, let’s understand what’s meant by the terminology. Augmented Reality ( AR ) involves overlaying digital information on the real-world view of people. This can be […]