Ireland steps up a gear in AR and VR

This week brought some very welcome news for those of us wishing to see more acceleration of the AR and VR ecosystem in Ireland, on two fronts.

Firstly there was the official launch of Accenture’s The Dock bringing a promised 300 high level jobs in technology innovation. While the focus of the PR blurb was on Artificial Intelligence it’s likely that AR and VR will also form a key area of development, given the close, and growing,  relationship between the technologies.  And this week saw the launch of a dedicated Ireland  Shard Capital VC fund.

The Fund invests in early stage software companies in the Financial Technology (‘FinTech’), Augmented Reality (‘AR’), Virtual Reality (‘VR’), and Internet of Things (‘IoT’) sectors.  Management of the Fund is led by Barry Downes, previously  CEO of TSSG a leading international software research institute, which has delivered over 120 technology and innovation projects for start-ups over the past three years, and which has participated at previous ARVR Innovate conferences. We have seen a large increase in start-ups in the AR and VR space in Ireland recently so this initiative is a great boon to help them move to the next stage…..and while we’re on the topic of startups, don’t forget if you are an AR or VR startup we may have a place for you at this year’s conference. Check out our STARTUP section.