Orah tech offers strong live VR experience

We have to confess to having been blissfully unaware of the Orah 360 camera until very recently – our bad, as it really produces some terrific quality images. The team at Orah are investing in what any good marketer should do these days – create powerful content, and they’re positioning their camera very firmly as a specialist live VR product. Much of the material they have shot takes full advantage of scenery opportunities but it’s in the mundane that the potential of the 360 technology also shows its potential. Take the example of the recent lecture by computer programming veteran Donald Knuth delivering his Christmas Tree lecture at Stanford University. The unedited nature of the footage combined with the unscripted dialogue, and the content of the lecture, all combine to give a greater sense of presence than usual. We’re not sure exactly how easy it is to get hold of the Orah camera yet in Europe, but you can pre-order here – pricing would be below the €3000 euro mark, which represents competitive value for a high spec camera.