Scott Hope ( AR Experiential ) to speak



We’re delighted to announce the latest speaker to our exciting conference line-up

Scott Hope, is the Commercial Director at AR Experiential Ltd.

Informed by a diverse background across live events and visitor attractions, Scott has an in-depth understanding and appreciation for these sectors. An avid supporter of the Experience Economy and multi-sensory engagement, Scott is passionate about engaging audiences with authentic experiences. Augmented Reality is now his thing, he’s innovating this technology to deliver the future of augmented events, driving the principals of multi-sensory engagement to take AR to the next level. There’s a lot of buzz around Virtual Reality currently but with the next wave of AR Smart Glasses, Scott believes Augmented Reality is a better proposition for events supporting live storytelling experiences that enhance the physical environment with compelling digital content.

Scott will be presenting on Immersive AR & Smart Glasses – the opportunities on the road to consumer adoption

As a precursor to the panel discussion on Immersive Engagement, Scott will discuss opportunities emerging for the visitor attraction and event marketing sectors through continual innovation of AR Smart Glasses technology, where manufacturers are positioning for consumer adoption. Scott will offer some alternative perspectives on experience design, affirming the benefits of multi-sensory engagement. He’ll explain why content should always centre on a compelling story and why it’s the experiences that should be memorable, not the technology used to deliver them.


About AR ExM

AR ExM supports the experiential marketing and live event sectors with multi-sensory technologies that engage audiences. They are developing immersar®, the go-to platform for Augmented Reality Smart Glasses based experiences.